Class Ensembles

Each class ensemble meets daily as a regular school class. Placement in an ensemble is done by the Director, based on performance audition, usually in the Spring of the previous school year. New students can arrange an audition at the beginning of the school year.


Chorale is a treble choir, focused on developing voices and experience while exploring many styles of music.


Cantabile is a mixed ensemble performing works for the full range of women's and men's voices.


Chanson is an advanced women's ensemble that performs challenging compositions across a wide range of musical styles.

Additional Ensembles

These extra ensembles allow students to explore performance opportunities outside the constraints of class schedules.

Cambridge Choralation

Cambridge Choralation is a student-run A Capella choir. Auditions are held each year and the group schedules its own rehearsals before and after school.


The Bearitones is a men's chorus that meets during the PAWS time.